Campaign Endorsements

Elected Officials

Rick Perry, Former Governor of Texas
Ron Wright US Congressman
Ted Poe, Attorney/Former US Congress
Sid Miller Ag Comm TX
Sen. Charles Perry
Rep. Phil Stephenson
Doc Anderson
Barbara Nash
Jon Kerr
Bradford Moore
Clint Burgess
Jon Siegel
Molly White
Manuel Alcozer
James Nichols
Alfredo Arellano

Conservative Groups

Grassroots America We the People
Texas Values Action
Life PAC
Texans for Courageous Courts
Texas Right to Life
Denton County Conservative Coalition
DFW Conservative Voters
The Link Letter
Spring Branch Republicans
Reagan Conservative Club of Texas
Gary Polland TCR
Robert Pratt
Central Texas Republican Assembly
Conservative Republican of TX
Kelly Shackelford
Pastor Ramiro Peña
Andrew Schlafly
Terri Hall
Dr. Steven F. Hotze
Wesley Lloyd
Trent Loftin
Mona Bailey
Reyna Reyes
Kaye Goolsby
Theresa Kosmoski
Leanne Ivey
Laura Wilkerson
Tom Washington
Teresa Spears
Chip Howell

Conservative Leaders

Current SREC Leaders

David Halvorson
Carla Sisk
Anne Gebhart
Britton Brooks
Jan Duncan
Sam “Tripp” Bryant
Ashley Sellers
Samuel Dalton
Randall Dunning
Fernando Trevino
JT Edwards
Susan Wright
Warren Norred
Susan Fischer
Jerry Fisher
Walter West, II
Linda Kinney
Sue Evenwel

Frank Alvarez

Certified Public Manager


Freida Barrett

Pastor's Wife


John Barrett



Robert Alex Bass



Jay Beatty



Ryan Bohls


Carol Bouldin

Former District Director CD 6


Brittany Boykin



Kristy Thackerson-Bridges


Rebecca Britton

TFRW, Republican Activist

Curtis Brown



Keith Brown


Bazil Howard-Browne



Jane Cansino

Former SREC SD 28


Rodney A. Chamness



Robert Chapman

Retired, Area Manager
Army Corps of Engineers


Valerie Duty Citrano



Anne Coker

Business Owner


Ken Corbin

Business Owner


Cherrie Jo Curtis

Retired Nurse


Devvie Duke
Businesswoman, Past President of
McLennan County Republican Women


Bill Eastland

Former SREC SD 9, 
Republican Activist


Oletta Elkins

Past Young County Rep. Party Chairman,

Founder & Past President of
Young County Rep. Women


Walt Fair



Kerrie Farrell



Raymond Farrell

Business Owner


Scott Fisher

Former SREC SD 10, Pastor


Amanda Sue Friedeck

Republican Activist


Brenda Gammon
Former SREC

Dale R. Gibble

Former SREC SD 13,
SD 13 Caucus Chair


Dr. Dennis Golden



John B. Gordon 

Former SREC SD 5


Thelma Jean Gosney


Debra Gregory

HCRW Past Officer, HCC Past Officer


Don Hase
Attorney, Tarrant County
Precinct Chair


Gregg Heinzman


Sherri Heinzman 

Precinct Chair, Republican Activist, 


Dr. Marylea Henderson

Friends for Life Board Member


Jesse Tony Hernandez



Jamey Hodge

Branch Manager, Guild Mortgage


Tony Renteria

Founder/CEO Poder Latino


Maria Aida Riddle


Wes Riddle


Floyd Roach



Connie Roberts 

Former SREC SD 29,
Founding Commissioner of
One Star Foundation


Robert D. (Bob) Rogers

Pct. Chair, Business Owner


Andy Rosenkranz


Shelli Rosenkranz



Kat Rowoldt



Dr. Austin Ruiz
Republican Activist


Kathy Ruiz
Realestate Agent


Scott Salmans

Businessman, McLennan County
Republican Party Activist


David Saucedo

Community Activist


Hal Schiffman



Susan Shafer



Riley Shaw

Attorney - Juvenile Law

Scott Spears 

Austin Attorney, Former Hays County

Republican Party Chairman


Juanita Stovall


Steve Stovall


Savannah Stroid



Judy Strzinek

TFRW Member


Gail Suttle

Former TFRW President


Maudie Tarver
Ballot Board in Johnson County


Josh Tetens



Gloria Tittor



John Tittor



Rebecca K. Tong

Businesswoman, Minister


Vicky Underhill

Pct. Chair Tarrant County


Vicki Vickers

Lavaca County Precinct Chair #30


Connie Wade

Retired Greg County Clerk


Steve Walden



Mikel Ward

Pct. Chair Lubbock County

Woodrow Keith Whitehead


Maggie Whitt

President of Minority
Engagement Group


Chad Wilbanks

Former TXGOP Executive Director


Don Williams

Republican Activist


Shirley Mitchell Williams 

Pastor and Life Coach


Dr. Jovaster Witcher



J. Weldon Wright


David Wylie

Republican Activist


Don Zimmerman


Alison Hogan

Minister, Businesswoman


Kurt Hyde

Precinct Chair Denton County


Dr. Colleen Isdale

St. Joseph Catholic School Board Member, 
Republican Activist


Troy Jackson

Pastor, Republican Activist 


Nelda Jett
Retired Insurance Agent


Don and Patti Johnson 

Comal County Republican
Party Activists


Mark Johnston

Businessman, Activist


Sherre Johnston



Merryl Wash Jones



Esther Kamp
Pastor & Missionary


Jimmie Kerr

Former SREC SD22


Linda King
Food Industry


Paulette Knudson



Theresa Kosmoski

Former TFRW President


Gary Kruse
Precinct Chair


David Lance



Rev. Pam Littrell



Bob Long 

Founder of Rally Call Ministries


Joel Lytle

KPLE.TV General Manager


Darlene Mattlage

Former McLennan County Vice-Chair


John McAnally

Former Treasurer of McLennan County
Republican Party


Marie McClellan

Community Activist


Sam McCoy

Founder Silsbee Pine Foundation,


Carla McCroan

Former Mayor of Josephine


Sherri Johnson McDonald
CEO of Johnson Roofing 

Deborah McGregor


Stacia McNeal


Monte Michael

Minister and Chaplain


Sandra Michael


Mallory L. Miller, Jr
Lubbock County Precinct Chair


Dwight "Clint" Moore 

Former SREC


Darlene Nobles



Dr. Feyi Obamehinti

Council Member TDC


Dr. Johnson Obamehinti

President Oasis Focus, Inc


Rick Ogles



Delores Pell

Republican Activist


Dorothy J. Price

Business Owner


Michele Quinones

Former SREC SD 12


Tom Quinones

Attorney, Former SREC SD 12


James Rains 

Texas Young Republicans Vice Chairman


Gregory Reinhart

Candidate for SREC SD 28

Friends & Grassroots Leaders